Welcome to the  2014  Clan Lachlan Gathering and Strathlachlan Festival





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This poster justs lists few of the activities – put the date in your diary and you won’t be disappointed .


Clan Members at Dinner Dance 2009

Clan Members at Dinner Dance 2009


Castle Lachlan

This is the official website for the clan Gathering and community Festival to be held in the grounds of  Castle Lachlan, Strathlachlan, Argyll, Scotland, over the weekend of June 20 – 22, 2014.

Whether you are a clan member, planning a holiday in the area, or live locally, please join us for a weekend that celebrates the special heritage, culture, food and music of Strathlachlan by Loch Fyne,  and the Cowal area. New Castle Lachlan is the home of 25th clan chief, Euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan, who will be pleased to welcome you to Strathlachlan.

For details of the programme please go to the Programme page or you can always follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/2014ClanLachlanGathering or Twitter https://twitter.com/ClanMaclachlanG @clanmaclachlanG

So start planning your trip now and see one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom, and take part in 3 days of activity and food, music, dancing, talks, and walks to historical sites around Lachlan Bay.

The Gathering and Festival are being organised by the Clan Maclachlan Society which has branches all around the world. We hope as many clan members as possible will be able to join the celebrations. You don’t have to be a Society member though. If your name is Maclachlan (there are lots of spellings!), Lachlan, Gilchrist, Claflin, Ewan, Ewing, MacEwan, or Lamont you are a member of our clan and will be made especially welcome.

The festival will highlight the ongoing conservation works at Old Castle Lachlan http://www.oldcastlelachlan.com/ through hard hat guided tours and historical talks.

Also this is the year of the Home Coming-:  http://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/homecoming-scotland-2014/

Bannockburn Live   http://www.bannockburnlive.com/events/clan-family-village

Bannockburn Live is at Stirling (50 miles from Castle Lachlan), happening the following weekend June 28th and 29th, if you are planning to stay a bit longer in Scotland it is a MUST to go to.

Commonwealth Games http://www.glasgow2014.com/

The Ryder Cup http://www.rydercup2014.com/ .

So these are all good reasons for coming to Scotland in 2014.

If you need somewhere to stay, then please go to our accommodation page which will show you useful Links you can tap into.

If you would like to see our Programme in more detail, please go to the page listed at the top.

The tickets for the dinner-dance are now closed but we will be delighted to see you at the Ceilidh on Friday 20th, we have a great local band playing ‘Canned Haggis’ . The cost of tickets are £10 be per head at the door.

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/2014ClanLachlanGathering

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  1. I have been a member since very early on (membership No. 127) but have never been to a gathering, mainly because I live in Spain and only visit UK in Jul/August. I may want to visit next year and would like to invite two German guests. Would that be OK?

    Thank you

    David McLachlan

      • Hi Marty, I’m very late with this reply but we wanted to thank you for all of your hard work you and your whole family did for the gathering. We had a wonderful time and the special help/acommendations that we’re provided to my dad Don Gilchrist and mom Marcia to be able to enjoy the gathering events was greatly appreciated. My dad getting ride to the old castle hard hat tour and both getting a ride to the bridge ceremony was just fantastic as they were unable to walk that far.
        I have a favor a friend and Western USA branch member Jan McLaughlin is traveling to Scotland and would like to see the castle she has never been there before. She has left a message on the Castle Lachlan website but has not received a response yet. Is there a person that she can contact?
        Thank you
        Sue McGlothlen
        Colorado regent
        Western USA branch

  2. I’m not a MacLachlan but my McVean and Sinclair extended families lived and worked on the MacLachlan estate in Strathlachlan from the 1700s onward and there are still a few descendants there now. Katie de Haan, The Netherlands

    • I have a John Sinclair born 02 Jan 1802 in Stralachlan, Argyleshire, Scotland. Parent’s: John Sinclair and Christian Crawford. John married Christinia Anderson 1 June 1834 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland. John siblings were Duncan 1796, Janet 1797, Mary 1799 all born Stralachlan, Argyleshire, Scotland.

      • Hello Tom Thompson!!
        Needs checking, of course, but I believe your John Sinclair 1802 Strathlachlan is my first cousin five times removed. His uncle Lachlan Sinclair b 1769 is my 4 x great grandfather. Extending back through those lines, our most recent common ancestors would be John’s grandparents. I’d LOVE to be coming to the McLachlan Gathering. Still hoping, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it this time. Do please mail me so that we can compare notes:
        gallorosso then the at sign followed by home dot nl. I hope you can make sense of that. Looking forward to hearing about your lines. Also, there are a number of Sinclair descendants who are now using DNA research to further their insights into our history, which you may find of interest.

      • Tom, I’m Katie’s 5th cousin so also a relation of yours. I will be at the Gathering with my parents, so maybe we’ll see you there. Mary

      • John Sinclair born 1802 daughter Ellen born 1834 in Greenock, married about 1852 to John McLachlan born 1835 Donegal, Ireland, they had 4 children, Sarah, John, Ellen and Margaret.
        Mary not making it to Scotland this year.
        My grandmother Sarah Jessie Keith Sinclair born 1883 Old Kilpatrick, Scotland. My mother was also born there. Tom in Florida.

  3. I’m a McLaughlin by marriage and would love to bring my husband, last surviving male heir of his line, to the festival in 2014 but don’t think we’ll have the funds available. We’d love to “come home”.

    • Hi Julie, you and your family can still come to the weekend event but won’t be able to come to the dinner-dance or the Chiefs drinks. Those are the things that are pre-booked and paid for. There will be lots of activities still going on during the day time, and you will be able to sign up for the tours around The Old Castle and listen to local cultural & heritage talks. The entrance to the festival is free.

  4. I’ve visited the old castle twice, both times close to but not at the time of the gathering. But I aspire to get the timing right sometime soon! Being on the land is deeply heart-stirring, and I would love to meet more of my far-flung kin.
    Deborah McGlauflin
    Annapolis, Maryland USA

  5. Deborah, if you come to the gathering in June, you will not only be able to see the old castle, but you will get a guided tour around it, explaining the history and the plans for the conservation works.

    • Hi Cristian, I don’t speak Spanish but I understand the general message, and yes anyone can come to the festival, you don’t have to be a Maclachlan it is for all! :)

      • Hi Marty….if you ever want Spanish translated it s my 2nd language !!! would love to help!! love sarah

  6. Hi, I’ve started researching my family history (again) and I’ve come upon your site. I’d love to attend but there’s no way I could make it this year. Is this an annual event that such that I might pencil it in for a year or two down the road? If not is there some other McLachlan thing I might plan a Scotish holiday around? Thanks. (from Canada)

    • Dear Gregory
      This is a very large event we are having this year. The International Gathering only happens once a every five years, very sad you won’t be able to make it. But if you change your mind, you know where we are………

  7. If I am unable to go this year and it seems I am ,when is the next one??? THANKS!! I wish I could be there!
    -Heather Mary Maclachlan Asheville North Carolina USA

  8. was a member of MacLachlan USA but no longer. I have through various avenues put forward an idea to raise money for the Castle restoration but largely been ignored. So i’ll try this way. Most MacLachlans have never heard the Clan March In Praise of Mary, so thought a little CD of the March would sell pretty well and raise some funds. I would buy one. Feel free to ignore this as others high up have done. Yours Aye Mac

  9. What a marvellous event. Would love to attend. My Father told me that we were entitled to wear this tartan but no reason except his Mother was a Scot. I have been researching the family & found a Jane McLachlan b c 1813 at Mull of Kintyre Church. She married a John Wayman. Visited Scotland twice, first time was only a week. Arrived home in Australia & was “homesick” for more. Went back on my own for 3 weeks just touring . What a lovely country. Want to return. One day hopefully. I do hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Would so love to be there with Mary Sinclair and her family, other relations, Jill Bowis and you all from Clan McLachlan. Enjoy yourselves, soaking up all that ancestral feeling and culture all around you, doing your own research, meeting like-minded neighbours and relations and so on. And I do hope some of you will consider going down the genetic genealogy route. Some of us must link up, not just on the direct male y-DNA lines. The autosomal DNA tests are very interesting as well, tests like the Family Finder. This turns up relations in all our family lines, in the last couple of hundred years, and not just the direct male and female lines, that are only a fraction of our dna. Some of us from around Loch Fyne must show up as related in that. You don’t get the answers on a plate, any more than you do in traditional genealogy but I find it can be rewarding. If you want more information, I can point you in the right direction, rather than doing that here, you could mail me at gallorosso, and then at sign, HOME and then dot nl for the Netherlands. Katie de Haan with strong Strathlachlan and Loch Fyne roots

  11. Marty.
    Re suggestion by Walter Mc Lachlan.USA.
    I know a piper and friend from the NTS cruises.Mr.Jim Butler,who has studied this pibroch,and although he doesn’t rate It highly he would be an excellent choice to record same.
    Ask Walter USA who his people were.I have an ancestor.1724-1819,named Walter.Not a common name among Mc Lachlans.
    Hope all went well at the weekend.

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